Iraq Humanitarian Trip - Stories and Adventures

I recently had the immense privilege of journeying to Mosul and Dahok, in the northern region of Iraq. It was an extremely confronting and challenging experience, but one I am so stirred to share about and help point more and more attention towards. I did an in depth share back of the experience at YWAM Newcastle and condensed that content to a slightly shorter version here. I would encourage anyone who watches this, or any media you see out of this situation, to engage and give NOW! I've attached an image below, thats in the presentation as well, on the NGO I went with. I HIGHLY recommend you giving any amount you can for IMMEDIATE relief, as well as the longer term assistance of serving these communities that are in dire need. 

I look forward to conversing with anyone who would like to, about this trip , as well as helping point those interested in further engagement in the right direction! 

-Stevie Lujan