Trees - Mosul, Iraq

*Footage courtesy Partners Relief and Development

I've now performed this song all over the world in all sorts of different venues and environments. This was by far the most impacting and rewarding place to sing and relay the hope of the Scripture from which this song came from. Isaiah 55 is such a beautiful description of the generosity from Jesus to anyone who would hear the invitation and partake in the bounty of his heart and Kingdom. The same invitation i've received is just as valid to these families at this checkpoint in Mosul. As they were awaiting to be loaded in mass into the backs of huge dump trucks, out of the conflict zone to hopeful relief from the incessant trauma and suffering they have endured, I was beyond privileged to speak this hope over them.

It wasn't an easy choice to go to Mosul, and it wasn't easy each moment I was there to choose to engage my heart and give, what I perceive to be of little consequence ( my silly, little song). I wrote this song over 5 years ago as I battled through doubts of whether God would provide for me to live out the calling I believe I have to be a missionary. I wrote is as a celebration of the goodness and provision of God, as promised through scriptures like this one. I wrote it as a choice to believe these truths, even when the facts and circumstance don't paint the picture I assume it should. It's easy for me now to reflect back and clearly articulate the insane provision and generosity i've experienced since I wrote this song all those years ago. 

What was incredibly challenging was to apply that same belief and faith in Gods character, and prophetically believe the same thing for these tormented vagabonds. The trauma and shock was just so incredibly thick in their eyes. It felt foolish to strum those chords. It felt frivolous to sing those melodies. It felt cumbersome to speak out the words of this promise from God from this sacred text. 


Hey, are you tired, are you thirsty? Come along and see. Bring your penniless bags cause these drinks are free. The milk and the honey, all the sweetest wine is what we're going to drink. All the wayward ones join our song and sing.

All the trees of the forest clap their hands. All the hills sing their chorus as we dance. 

We will feast. 


I believe a feast is coming to Mosul. I believe a feast is coming to Syria and all of the middle east. I believe everyone is invited ( including ISIS). I firmly believe that heart songs transcend language barriers and the best way to invite anyone, to any party is through celebrations filled with song and dance.

May we keep inviting.