Fringes - A deeper look at 'Tempo'

Falling in love is the most exciting, exhilarating and terrifying ordeal a human being can put themselves through. Especially when it’s not the first time. When you’ve experienced the soaring highs and the soul crushing lows from previous risks, yet you choose to open up again, nothing really feels more intoxicating and unnerving. 

When do you know when it’s right? When do you know if this person is the “one”? Is there even such a thing? 

The stimulation that circulates frantically in our heads and hearts when in the throes of these questions is hard to make proper sense of. This song was birthed out of the classic tension of how long do you fight to hold on to something that feels doomed to end in pain. In one instance we know that continuing to hope is futile. Holding on any longer will surely only equal more heartbreak and agony. But the drive to pursue and dig in overruns our logic and the glimmer of what could be, forces logic out of the equation. 

One kind exchange or even just a smile can bulldoze dozens of doubts, hurts and question marks. Self control seems trivial when that faint flicker of love is breathed on with even the slightest hint or flirt of life. It truly is a dance of the heart and will. To allow ourselves to be fully human and feel deeply, whilst foolishly creating the illusion of self preservation. We are so quick to break aren’t we? Love makes fools of even the most resolute of intentions. 

The beautiful and agonising reality of two hearts beating in one accord: what an irresistible and harrowing pursuit. Both dreadful and alluring, love taunts us to believe that though our hearts beat with fragility, they just might be designed to pulse in harmony with someone else’s. To cherish someone else, or to take them for granted. To be patient in pursuit, or to be frantic with fear. What a dance to be learned. One day maybe I’ll catch my breath, slow down the incessant beating of my own heart and dance in step with another.